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maureen miller, C.P.A., M.B.A.

My name is Maureen Miller. I work and live in Oakland, California  and my heart belongs to my 14 year-old son.  He goes by Tre, and I call him the Sun, since he truly is the brightest star in my personal orbit.


Growing up, I was always good at math, and It seems that my proclivity for numbers charted a pretty sturdy career course for me early on.  At the tender age of 21, and I found myself with a bachelor's degree in business administration and 40+ years to figure out what to do with it.


After earning my Master’s degree in Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Golden Gate University in 1999, and obtaining my CPA certification shortly thereafter, I "struck out on my own" and have been working with non-profit organizations, small businesses and individuals since 2000,  helping establish and maintain efficient and reliable accounting systems. 

Have I ever have looked back since making that fateful keen into a left-brained career those many years ago?  So often.  And, every time I look back, with confusion in my eyes and a heavy heart, a voice says, "You're doing just fine up there, you dont have to LOVE  it, sweetheart, you just have to be good at it!  And i am good at it.

I am now nearly 20 years deep, and I credit my success and longevity as an account to a deep and abiding  humanistic understanding of value, and how to harness it.  I encourage my clients to consider the idea that our greatest organizational potential is sourced from the relationships we build and the people we impact.  I call this "human capital", and I have come to think of it as the most valuable resource we have on this planet.   Not to mention - neither the earth's natural resources, nor the people who live on it need be exploited in order to harness this resource.


It is my goal to partner with my clients in true relationship, which adds a dimension to my work that the generic term "service provider" does not reach - for me at least.  My value lies not just in the work we do together to build and maintain strong financial systems, but more in the efforts I spend empowering you to understand how best to utilize your financial data in making careful and well-informed decisions - decisions that make sense fiscally and that feel good, too!


For those of you for whom the idea of accounting is akin to something like cleaning the latrines at a popular amusement park, I leave you with this idea: we are not creating anything new with accounting; what we are doing  is simply telling the story of your business from a dollars and sense perspective.  The closer we can connect the financial system that prepares these statements to the goals we are trying to achieve, the more effectively we can create and re-create our system to ensure the financial accuracy of our story...remember: garbage in, garbage out.


And together we make the magic happen.  

















Jasmine Green is currently interning with Maureen Miller, C.P.A., M.B.A., in addition to working part-time. Jasmine started university in August 2016 and is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics.


Jasmine's interests include mathematics, dancing, flower arranging, helping others, and having a good time with family and friends. She also loves elephants and one day plans visit Africa to see them in their REAL homes.


In the future, Jasmine hopes to become a high school math teacher. For now, she is pursuing an internship with Maureen because of her love for numbers and knowledge.


Jasmine lives in Oakland and recently bought her first car.

Jasmine Green
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