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Maureen found her way to yoga as many who have come before her – during pregnancy.  That was 15 years ago, in 2002.  In 2013, she fortuned upon a shiny little studio surrounded by windows on the third floor of a downtown Oakland building, named Barefoot Movement (


Maureen spent nearly two years at Barefoot Movement teaching vinyasa flow yoga to students of all levels.  She is now busy creating her own special brand of movement medicine she hopes will be a successful part of the growing number of of yoga and dance offerings in the bay area.  You can read all about this new offering below. 

moga: discovering and perfecting movement practices that keep the mind curious, connected and engaged with the body, creating more conscious/integrated/deliberate movements of the body through space.


Since we are all connected, every-body benefits when you practice moga!

Prior to teaching at Barefoot Movement, Maureen had a handful of opportunities to lead various groups – mostly friends and family - through the practice of asana (pose/posture).   It was through the flow teacher training program at Barefoot Movement where she learned that asana is only one of the traditional 8 limbs of yogaArmed with this new understanding of yoga, Maureen’s breath/body awareness practice took off, and it is this part of yoga, discovering new ways of connecting with one’s physical experience, that has begun to shape her personal practice.

As a former athlete, one of the most rewarding parts of Maureen’s yoga practice has been getting (re)acquainted with her physical body in a whole new way, and she is eager to help other students do the same. 


In his book “Teaching Yoga,” Mark Stephens says: 


"If all you do as a yoga teacher is motivate and guide your students to breathe consciously and feel themselves more subtly through the breath as they explore in the universe of their body, mind and spirit, they will be well served."


Maureen lives in Oakland with her 14 year old son.  She practices accounting on the side. 


Private Sessions - $55 - 75/hour


Workplace Yoga - $65 -85/hour

Schoolhouse Yoga - negotiable





Stay tuned here for the next time Maureen will be teaching the yoga class at Oakland's Wednesday night Ecstatic Dance (www.ecstatic

every third Saturday, starting March17,2018:


Shakria Scott @sincerely_scott

Zenovia Forbes @inwithzen

Kirsten Rogers @Kirs10michelle

Black to Yoga is a yoga extravaganza created by people of color, for E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y! Our mission is to bring health and wellness to our community through the transformative power of yoga. Come and celebrate with us as we move, breathe, flow to our favorite music. Every background, every gender, every body size, every generation is welcome. Classes are accessible for all levels - great for beginners!

Each of the following teachers will teach a signature 50 minute segment. You are welcome to take any 1, 2, 3 ...or ALL 5 of the classes with the purchase of 1 ticket.

Classes will begin on time, please arrive at least 5 minutes early to allow for time to check in and to find a space for your mat!

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a beautiful testimonial:

what my students say about moga class...

"it was a great segway to reviving my energy and giving my body a great stress relief.  Thank you so much!  I loved the Old Skool beats and great company.  You will def see me again.  Looking forward to it... " - Anika H.

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